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    Client looses channel group membership on channel change

    I have an odd thing happening.
    On a TS3 server there is a channel containing several sub-channels (only 1 level).
    I created a channel group.

    Now the strange thing is on 3 of the sub channels, a user in that channel group will keep his channel group membership.
    But on subchannel 4 it the membership suddenly is gone.

    What is going wrong? The membergroup does have the permanent flag and pvp1 and pvp2 are setup exactly the same with the inherit flag set too.

    See screenshots.
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    Basically, all you need to do is to give the client the correct channel group in the parent channel. This will cause the channel group to be inherited to the client in all sub-channels.
    Therefore, you either need to move the client to the parent channel and give him the correct channel group there, or you could also right-click the client, Permissions, Channel groups of Client and change the channel group there.
    Please note that the client will only inherit the channel group from the parent channel, if he does not have any other channel group assigned to him in the sub-channel.

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    That was indeed the cause of the problem.
    I thought it did not make a difference where the membership was issued, but ofcouse it should have been done in the parent channel.
    That was the reason it was not working before.
    At this moment, everything is working as designed again. Thread can be marked solved.

    Thank you!

    P.s. how many posts do I have to make before I don't get into the moderation queue again?

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    Users can be in a different channel group in every channel.
    Inheritance is as said only in channels that have no specific group assigned and not have "b_channel_group_inheritance_end" enabled.

    As for moderation, it has been activated (like the new captcha) for all regular users (me guess) due to excess spamming in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Tiger View Post
    P.s. how many posts do I have to make before I don't get into the moderation queue again?
    I doubt this will ever go away. I still have it.

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