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    Teamspeak Crashing choosing icon, avatar, file or moving users on a Dell / Alienware

    Hello there!

    I've been plagued with a bit of an issue as of late, and not quite sure how to resolve it.
    For some reason, Ts3 crashes when changing my avatar, or attempting to, that is.

    Upon clicking "Change Avatar", i'm prompted with choosing it, about 3 seconds after, bam, it crashes, whether I click something within my system window (C:/User/Desktop, etc), or whether I just wait, it'll crash.

    I've no idea as how to fix this, fresh reinstalls, scans, pretty much nothing has proven to solve this, and even the 3.0.17 update failed to help this.

    If anyone has a suggestion, or can help me, that'd be great.

    Respond when you may,
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