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    Easier way to revoke Channel Group?

    At this moment (if I'm correct) granting and revoking a channel membership works like this:
    In Channel FOO you can make a user (for example called Peter) member of channel group BAR and Peter will have this membership also on all subchannels of FOO.
    If a channel admin wants to revoke the membership of the BAR channel group of Peter, it can only be done from the main channel where Peter got the BAR membership, so can only be removed in channel FOO.

    The CA has to move Peter to FOO and then remove his BAR membership. Normally by using the right mouse button and then click the BAR member group so Peter will automatically become guest user again.

    However, if this Peter is quick enough, he would be able to quickly move to one of the subchannels again and the CA has to move Peter again to FOO or kick him from the server.

    This can be irritating. Is there no easier way, maybe to be setup via the permissions system, so a CA can remove the channel group membership from Peter, no matter in which subchannel of FOO he is residing? This could prevent the trolling as mentioned above.

    P.s. Please remove this if it's a doublepost, I just got a white screen due to the ddos protection and can't see yet if the thread is posted because I'm a new user.

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    You just need to right click at Peter and click on Permissions -> Channel Groups of Client. There you con change his channel group, where ever he is.

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    Oke thank you, can also a Channel admin do that?

    Is it made that way so someone can not remove the channel group for a certain channel by accident?

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    Got a little issue here.

    I just tested this, and a CA can not do it the way you point out. That part is grayed out.
    For security reasons this might be a good idea, because a CA should only be able the view and remove the membership of the channel group the CA is CA of. Correct?

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    Well, managing servers is never really idiot-proof. So no.

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