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    Constant Crashes since client 3.0.17


    I have sent about 5 or 6 crashdumps now, with that new semi automatic tool...
    It never crashed on the old version and I mean "it never crashed" when I say that.

    There is no data about the origin of the crash. It always crashes when I'm NOT there. I turn off my monitor at night, come back in the morning and I have to send the crash-report. There's no indication on my side what the problem can be.

    It happens in the following conditions:
    -When I'm not looking. (and ONLY when I'm not looking)
    -Even on empty servers which get no other visitors.
    -With and without other programs active, such as mIRC, steam, hamachi, daemon tools, DisplayFusion, Logitech Gaming Software. And so on. Even on a bare windows, this happens when I physically go away from keyboard for long periods of time.
    -With and without Windows Aero view.

    I'm running on:
    Windows 7.1 Ultimate 64-bit
    AMD Phenom II X2 B55 @3.2 GHZ
    7.75 GB memory.
    Multi-screen (3)
    G510 macro-keyboard.

    After each crash, I did my best to change as many variables on my system as possible. But it keeps crashing when I'm not looking.

    Note: This problem forces me to downgrade. Can I please receive support with this?
    All customers (despite this being free) will rage when there are constant crashes of a product.
    Please be considerate and allow client-side downgrading at will.
    This will create less quitters, more loyal users and a lot better image for you guys.

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    TS Client crashes on startup since 3.0.17

    Hi everybody,

    first of all I've a problem with the update feature in 3.0.16. When I want to update the client crashes without any dump-file or error message.
    To update to the new version (3.0.17) I uninstall my TS Client, deleted all the TS3-folders, made a reboot and install the new version.
    Now I've got the problem, that the client doesn't start correctly. When I start the client (in admin mode) the GUI opens and then it crashes. The tray icon stays where it is until the cursor hovers over it.
    I searched my whole PC for a dump file or a log file with a meaningful content, but I found nothing.
    May you know about this problem.

    For now I have to stay on 3.0.16


    My System:
    Win 8.1 x64 Pro
    8GB Ram
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    The crashdump should be uploaded automatically.

    Maybe Client / 3.0.18 will fix this problem for you.
    A beta of this version is planned the next days or beginning of next week.
    This beta can be enabled under Settings -> Options -> Application "Update Channel"
    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

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    I've tried to reinstall TS3.
    Uninstall 3.0.16 and install 3.0.18 and what happens?

    The Client crashed again on startup.
    The last function which the starter of TS3 called was the updater. It seems to crash when the updater is checking for updates...


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    Unfortunately the new client crashes too

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    Unfortunately updating to the current version (3.0.18) didn't solve the problem.
    The client crashes everytime on startup. I also tried the Beta-Channel but didn't make a change.


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