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    Max Nick length?

    Hello Guys,

    I'm having the Problem on my website I'm having the TS-Server embeed ( If a User is having a TOO long nickname the following thing happens on the Website:

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    The Scrollbar shows up. Now I'm asking if its Possible in some way to restrict the TS-Nick length?
    It would be usefull so that bar wouldn't show up anymore.

    Best Regards,

    Thanks for the Help, Chris

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    overflow: hidden;

    BTW, spelling mistakes in clan names are not cool.

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    whats that uve posted and where is a typo?
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    what numma posted is a CSS snippet to prevent the scrollbar from appearing.

    If you absolutely want to limit the nickname length on TS3, you can do that by adding a ban for the nickname like so:

    Make sure to enter that in the nickname field and select "Interpret IP/Name as Regular Expression".

    The above should limit nicknames to 20 characters.
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