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    Request for supporting multiple SRV record priority

    Hi All,

    I created a topic asking about this functionality and was informed that it did not currently exist, so I'm writing here to formally request it from the developers.

    I would love if the TeamSpeak 3 Client would read multiple SRV records, and try to connect to them in order of priority, as per the intended use of SRV records. This would allow immediate redundancy to a TeamSpeak server, like having a backup server in case the first one goes down. This type of redundancy is important to any kind of admin, and the ability to do this directly through DNS records would be great.

    While I can't speak to the nature of the TS3 code base, I am a professional software developer myself and I would think this functionality should be relatively easy to implement.

    If there's any spare time in the TS3 Dev Team time, I would *really* appreciate if this could be added!


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    Supporting that

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    I've already discussed about that kind of tricks.
    With SRV records, it seem to be a "choice" to only try to connect to the first "_ts3._udp.<fqdn>" record.
    They never fall back to the "backup" ts3 server as expected.

    If they change their mind on that I would be happy.

    For more info:

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    Yeah, this needs happen!

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    I will forward this into a Dev meeting but i think this wasn't added for one of these reasons (I'm just guessing):

    1. Our devs did not think about it ;D
    2. We don't want to have the ability to use backup server.
    Most situations are against the license agreement you have agreed, when you just installed the server without any commercial license.
    --> We do not allow to use backup servers with the same databse as an example.
    --> Users without any license or with an NPL are not allowed to run a second server instance anywhere at all.

    Bumps related to "update?" will be deleted without any warning.
    We will reply when anything has happened.
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    +1 on the idea to support multiple SRV records

    Sure, everything can be misused (regarding licensing issues), but there is still valid points to having support for it:

    the are people with proper licenses that could benefit from this, and also, but most importantly to me:

    the "failover" Teamspeak could just be *any* other TS server, not even operated by the same community. It's just nasty when a client tries to connect and it fails because the hosting server has downtime/problems. It'd be much better if users were redirected to another server (maybe a friendly community) so there is less of a jarring experience.

    Besides the point that the RFC says that supporting this is best practice (SHOULD in their terms ).

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    Solved +1

    +1 I thought it exists but I was unable to find it

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    We will add SRV &TSDNS priorities in one of the next clients (something after 3.0.19).

    Load Balancing and Backup for servers should be possible then. But only as long your license type and our license agreement does not speak against this!
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    +1 on the idea to support multiple SRV records

    +1 on the idea to support multiple SRV records

    With Server 3.0.13 servers may have multiple IP Addresses. This is if one IP address are down *For Whatever reason, it can fail over to another IP on the same physical server.

    Also i would highly suggest to not use the IP address as a connection address on the Master Server List anymore, but rather to use the DNS Name.
    This will help allot of server admins so that they don`t have to go to each and every users and request them to change the Server address in their bookmarks from the IP address to the DNS Name.

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    I'm actually looking about a way to set a redundant TS3 server since we had sometime one or other issue either related to our provider
    - maintenance
    - network issue

    or related to delayed payment which lead to a temporary disable of the server.

    What's the position about such setup for NPL since you implemented it ?
    In order to setup such thing, using new supported SRV priority records, requirements should be something like
    - 1 master server with master ts3 instance and master sql
    - 1 slave server with slave ts3 instance and slave sql

    if master should be take off for a short time, slave should take relay.

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