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    bash script to backup ts3 settings

    Hey guys,

    I made a backup script for my teamspeak server and figured it might be useful for others. It uses the serversnapshotcreate command for the functionality. To learn more about this command and what it does please read this:

    My script is posted here:

    A few notes. The password is stored in plain text and written to the log file as such.. Ensure they are properly secured by setting the file permissions to 600.

    To install extract it to your ts3 user folder:

    set ownership:
    chown -R ts3user:ts3user

    set permissions:
    chmod 600 /home/ts3user/ts3backup/*
    chmod 600 /home/ts3user/ts3backup/log/*

    edit your password file:

    Provide a list of ports that you will back up - each on their own line:

    configure the script:
    TS3SERVER='hostname' #can be hostname or IP
    PORT='10011' #default port - change if necessary
    DIRPATH='/path/installed/to' #ex: /home/ts3user/ts3backup/

    Once done you can test it using this command:
    /home/ts3user/ts3backup/ts3backup >> /home/ts3user/ts3backup/log/output.log

    This runs the script and outputs the result into your log file for review.

    You can set up a cronjob to run it:
    0 5 * * 1 /home/ts3user/ts3backup/ts3backup >> /home/ts3user/ts3backup/log/output.log

    Hope you find it useful.
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    Now that I look I see that this is somewhat redundant..

    Though I would not want to put the password in a cron path - it could easily be adapted to pull from a file instead.

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