Im sorry for the lengthy post, but telling you what happened to me is the only way that I can explain the issue. Thank you

This morning a friend of mine, asked me to play a game of counter strike over steam. Ive played with him before and said sure. He gave me a teamspeak info to use ( and there was a password that I forgot. Anyway, I go to that teamspeak, and it says i cannot connect because an audio plugin is out of date and click HERE to update. This window that popped us was a teamspeak window. It looked like the message you get when you do need to update your teamspeak. I clicked it and it directed me to The download window popped up. Because this has all gone through teamspeak i naturally clicked on the download link without thinking about it. As soon as i hit run, my steam crashes. I tried to reopen it but it said i had a missing file and couldnt launch steam.exe. I quickly did a system restore. Upon reboot, i opened steam up and typed in my password. "Password is incorrect". I log onto an alternate account that I have and I am logged in still. I check my email and I get some steam emails in russian confirming turning off steamgaurd, thus giving the hacker full access to my steam account, blocking me out. i look at my own inventory literally worth over a thousand dollars slowly get reduced one item at a time. I submit a steam support ticket but those people take a few days to reply. Anyway. Turns out that the friend of mine also had his account hijacked, and a friend of mine got hijacked because he thought it was me. STEAM is informed about this. Someone very smart is using your system to jack steam accounts. Just thought you should know...the URL where the link sent me to is "" ..also, whoever did that also somehow wiped all of the emails in the email account that I had attached to my steam account so i couldn't provide steam with eReceipts. Lucily, Comcast can retrieve deleted emails. My email had a different password. Isnt that federally illegal? any help would be appreciated. Have a nice day.