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    Uploading a .url hangs the client

    3.0.17 [Stable] on Windows 10 x64


    Create a .url file on the desktop (right click->new->shortcut. Paste location steam://open/game - give it any name)
    Right click a channel in TS3 -> file browser
    Click the upload file button at the top of the browser window
    Select the shortcut and click okay.
    CRASH! (aka. app not responding)

    Dragging the link does nothing (really it should upload but that's a separate bug)

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    Drag & drop works fine here on Win7, however using the upload button doesn't. We'll look into it.

    Please note that for drag & drop to work you will need to restart the client once after installation.
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    Thanks for the hint. Those URL shortcuts are reported as empty filename (empty string) from the Windows filedialog (why I don't know), which caused the client to enter an endless loop.
    Prevented that to abort uploads with empty strings as filename. Unfortunately that won't allow to upload these sort of files, but as long as the File-Open dialog gives an empty string as filename I doubt that can be resolved.

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