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    Channel-Repeater // listen to a channel

    Hi together,

    I am looking for a possibility to set one specific channel as an listener, so

    I have Channel-A and Channel-B.
    in Channel-B, everybody can hear what is said in Channel-A, but not vice versa.

    Before you are complaining etc.
    this is wanted by all members of our teamspeak.. and we would like to mark this channel, so everybody knows and can see, that this channel open to listen.

    why we are looking for this:
    we have an number-restricted channel, where our gaming-team can play, without being disturbted. but some of us, are interessted in our team, spectate them and want to hear, how they communicate during the games.

    Is there a way to set this in TS3 ? because Mumble and Ventrilo have something like this very easy to set.

    thanks for you help and sorry for my bad english ... not native.

    greets, Geo

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    Use a client that is online 24/7 and Virtual Audio Cable.
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