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    port 9987 not working

    i have a teamspeak3 server working for a while 85 days
    and all ports works fine
    suddenly port 9987 not working
    and another ports working fine !
    i reinstall the os
    ubuntu and centos and fedora same problem
    and setup all teamspeak3 version same problem
    and i talking to my vps support he told me the ports works fine
    this problem from teamspeak3 !

    Help me fast please
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    The usual approach to solve this kind of problem is to look into the Teamspeak log files, to check the local firewall that all necessary ports are open, to look if the Teamspeak server is actually listening to all intended ports, and to check if the Teamspeak server is running at all.
    If you are running the Teamspeak server at home, you might want to check if the port forwarding you set up on your router is still valid, and if you have a dynamic IP address, you might want to check if the dyndns hostname you probably set up is still pointing to your current IP address.

    If you are unable to find this information, it might be wise to simply rent a Teamspeak server and let the hoster manage all that stuff himself.

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    For a quick fix:
    Use a port that works OK and tell your friends that the port has changed.
    If you are behind a router, check the settings of the port-forwarding.

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