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    Max Users/Family Max Users on a channel group

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to TS administration, but I read most of the tutorials about permission system and still I can't really figure out how to exaclty achieve my goal.
    What I need to do: setup a public channel group to use them as free guest rooms with a global max users limit. E.g. having one parent channel with 6 subchannels, all free to join by guests until their number don't reach the limit of 10. Then I have the restricted channels hierarchy configured to be private, no trouble here.

    As far as I can understand, I see that many configurations are made by join power permissions, which is not what I need: I'd like to leave the free channel group totally joinable for anyone, regardless of his permissions and group, so that the n+1-th user trying to join one of the free channels is blocked (where n is the limit, of course).
    I thought this setting could be achieved the family max users parameter in edit channel pane, but as I can see it acts a little bit strange: when user limit is reached, all channel group's icons become red, but some users are correctly blocked with the user limit message, while others still can join channels despite the limit. Plus, sometimes it seems to block no one at all, still behaving fine with icon symbolism.

    I'm using version on Linux on server and latest windows client for management.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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    your server is outdated and should be updated to the latest version

    As for your "problem" if you want to have multiple channels and once the total limit of users in these channels (no matter if all in one, or distributed among them) block anyone from entering any of the subchannels, you're totally right it is done with the family max clients setting in the parent channel. The reason why some people can still enter those channels is because they have the permission b_channel_join_ignore_maxclients which allows them to join channels even if they're full. Admins have this permission by default, you may want to check clients that join there when the channels are full for that permission using the permission overview on them when they're in that channel.

    Once you found out where they get that permission from you should be able to remove it easily.
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    Chris, first of all many thanks for your quick answer

    Turns out that maybe I was going crazy for a side effect: I did notice the permission b_channel_join_ignore_maxclients, and I made sure it was denied for all guests. What I didn't notice is that when you access on server it lets you in regardless of the family max users parameter. Server's default channel is in fact one of the free-to-join channels, and if you connect to the server without specifying any reserved channel that's the channel where you find yourself in. Problem is that the server lets you in even if channel group has reached its users limit.

    I've just completed a test entering it with a guest identity: client shows the message insufficient client permissions (failed on i_client_max_channel_subscriptions) but lets me enter on default channel anyway. Once on the server, if I change channel to one of the reserved and then try to go back, I am correctly blocked. Is that behavior intended? How can I configure it to deny access not only to users switching channel, but also to users connecting to the server for the first time?

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    I managed to solve my problem: the issue was that server's default channel was one of the public channels. This setting was not compatible with family max users setting on the public channels group, because default channel cannot be restricted (I didn't know that).
    The solution was to create a new public channel, name it lobby, with an idle time kick of some seconds and i_client_needed_talk_power permission with some positive value: this means that a guest connecting to the server ends up into this channel and cannot talk; to be able to speak he has to move to some other public channel, where family max users setting can now be consistent and fully operational (so the group is actually restricted to 10 users). Otherwise, if they stay in lobby channel for too long, they are kicked from the server after idle time.

    This is a very clean solution that fits perfectly with my needs, hope it helps anyone in similar conditions.


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