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    Welcome Message is not parsed correctly


    Teamspeak Server
    Debian 8.1
    MariaDB 10.0.20
    Database Charset: UTF8MB4

    My Servername is "XeroX's Teamspeak - Rated Mature" after saving the name works fine and the single quotation mark is interpreted correctly.

    When I set the Welcome Message to "Welcome on XeroX's TeamSpeak Server" it will be converted to "Welcome on XeroX's TeamSpeak Server".

    So it displays the char entity reference.

    I think this behavior is not correct and inconsistent.

    Thank you

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    It works fine if you don't edit the server afterwards. So if you put that welcome message, it will display correctly until you open the server edit dialog and hit ok (which will change the message to ').
    We're looking into it.
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    Thank you Already found that out.

    Just another hint, it even stacks up I you don't edit the '. I starts converting the &

    Welcome on XeroX's TeamSpeak Server

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    This will be fixed with client 3.0.18.
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