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    Can not connect to a server with new internet connection

    I've logged into this server for half a year with no previous issues. But since I've moved and got a new internet connection it will not allow me to connect to it. Every other server I have saved or new one I come across I can connect to with no problem.
    I use this server with my game mates and have not been able to communicate with them because of this issues.
    What should I do about it?

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    Half a year is a pretty long time, maybe they changed servers and the one you're attempting to connect to simply doesn't exist anymore.
    You'll have to contact them through other means and get the correct server address.
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    I have other means to contact a couple members but they all assure me that it's the same address. I can log in on my phone with no problems but I can't stay on for extended periods of time due to data limitations.

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