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    File transfer bug

    i had previously downloaded a file and it didnt finish when i quit, now i have a window that says resume unfinished file transfer, with a yes or no, the problem is that the window is bugged and i cant click anything or click away onto teamspeak, please help!

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    Notification problem (HELP!)

    Hey guys!

    So, I'm having a very serious problem and maybe you can help me.

    When I connect to a certain server, a notification displays (it's a normal notification, just the administrators telling people to "mind the language"). There is an "ok" button, but I can't "click" it. I don't know why! I click the "ok" button but nothing happens. And because of that notification not going away, I can't do anything! I can't switch channel or talk to anybody, all the stuff you normally can do in TS is blocked. Please help me, I don't know what to do.
    This happens on my Macbook Pro (yup, on my windows everything is fine and working properly)

    Thank you!

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