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    TeamSpeak causing FPS Spikes/Microstutters/Drops

    I've been playing csgo for a while now, and I've always had an issue with client side stuttering. Last night, I was finally able to find the source of the problem, TeamSpeak. Whether or not I am connected to a server in the TeamSpeak or CSGO, the stutters will still occur. Again, I do not have to be connected to a server to experience these microstutters in game. Once I turn TS off, the fps will again, be stable at whatever fps I usually run at, usually 200-300. These stutters happen in the main menu as well, meaning that this being a network issue is unlikely.

    I initially had 64 bit TS, so one guy told me to get 32 bit TeamSpeak. Did not resolve my problems. If I use another VoIP program such as mumble, the stutters do not occur. However, I'd really like to be using TeamSpeak as my VoIP program, so I'd really like some help on this matter.

    Just to add a little bit more detail on what the actual stuttering is: Once TeamSpeak is turned on (don't have to be connected to a server to experience these issues), the fps will fluctuate from it's peak down 50 fps below and skyrocket backup all within half of a millisecond. These stutters happen in a pattern around every second, and when these stutters occur, the clientside var value will also spike to 2-6 ms, simply showing me the variance, (what I'm guessing it means) in my framerate. These stutters are very noticeable, and I'd like to be able to use TeamSpeak while playing csgo. tyvm

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    Same issue

    Im having the same issue but while playing WoW. Im getting considerate FPS drop while using TeamSpeak 3 and especially on my second screen. I have been struggling with not being able to use my second screen for twitch while raiding in World of Warcraft since i upgraded to windows 10. And last night i found the reason, TS3. As soon as i connect to a server my offscreen begins to stutter beyond useable numbers. All i can have on it are still images. I estimate the FPS to drop down to around 2-5 FPS while TS3 is running. I get around 20 FPS loss on my main screen in WoW while using TS3.

    My setup:
    MSI X99 motherbord (OC edition, not using any form of OC atm)
    Intel i7-5820k
    EVGA GTX 980ti SC+ edition
    16Gb of DDR4 memory
    SSD system drive and 3 HDD as storage
    144hz 27" main screen
    60hz 24" off screen

    I really dont think i should be getting any kind of stuttering using this rig as a result of a VoIP program. Must be some sort of performance issue regarding TS3 in Win 10

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