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    October 2015

    Perma-Ban for using text to speach

    My name is levi and yesterday I was banned for using my text to speech program because I am a mute. I was car crash when I was 8 and after many surgery's and years of recovering I have suffered permanent damage to my nerves system that controls my vocal cords. I had informed the Mod that I was mute and I needed it to talk, he did not believe me. My life was already restricted for the past 10 years because of my problems, I had found comfort in video games with silent protagonists. With online gaming like Hearthstone and mine craft it is nice to be able to talk to people while I play without them feeling awkward when i talk. Most people even find it funny when I talk and even have a good time. I wasn't saying anything rude or offensive to anyone. i was in a public chat with someone who just happen to not like who I was and what i had to do to talk.

    So why have I been targeted for being different. Rather its people in real life staring at the scars on my neck and feeling awkward when i have to type on a notebook to reply to them. Or even people online who refuse to Listen to me about my problem with being a mute. No matter where I go i will always be treated differently because I cant talk.

    Why do they make such heartless people mods? Why do i have to create a new account just so I can ask these questions?

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    October 2015


    Hi there seems i cannot login to a game chat as i get this (below) can you tell me whats doing it, is it a TS3 thing or the owner of the channel i get this msg when trying to login.

    <21:42:28> Trying to connect to server on removed
    <21:42:30> You are banned permanently. Reason: "fk knows"

    Thank You
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    I need help, please read: You are banned permanently

    You are banned permanently. Reason: "Spamming nick name (no reason to make oversized with repeating chars"

    this is the mesg. I got after reformatting my SSD and re installing teamspeak, so does this mean that I can no longer join a public teamspeak server ever? the name I use is "DirtyDeeee" the exact user name I must have on twitchTV and every other similar user name has been taken so I need it to be the same in my teamspeak client. But why and how can I get a permanent ban for that, is this some kind of mistake or am I banned for life from all public teamspeak 3 servers?

    image evidence links:
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    November 2015

    Racism and troubles for access

    Hello users, its a bad situation

    when i enter to rooms of first-world countries,the admins kick me out like Hitler

    this fascist situation is not funny,is unfair

    so,did you know hoy can i change my observable flag ?,so,i can be free to navigate in Teamspeak

    the ip for the place where i am is colombian

    thanks for reading,please response
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    Official Teamspeak VPN Ban?

    Hi there,

    I tried to connect to teamspeaks own server and got an instant VPN ban. Why? I seriosuly do not know since I do not run any type of VPN. I have however different DNS servers than what my ISP has, though that should not be the reason for the ban.

    If I lookup my own IP at - I can track myslef down to my own town where I live, the right ISP etc.

    Can any teamspeak employee sort this out?

    Thanks in advance, Andy.

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    Game disconnected: you have been banned from this server.

    I am banned on the server and I'm not a pro player.
    How to fix this problem please?
    Sorry for the bad English
    Game disconnected: you have been banned from this server. Stated reason: #1: Banned suspected PRO. Mistake? Contact us on Teamspeak. (Temporary/43200)
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    Free Customer Banned from Public Teamspeak Server - Requesting an Inquiry

    Hi, my name is Christian Santos. I am writing this thread because I have been banned from the Public Teamspeak server as a Free customer, just for having a "Bad Nickname." What I want to know is, why is "BitCritter" a bad nickname? It doesn't imply swearing? Did the admins think that "BitCritter" was a marketing name? Because that's not what I intended.

    I tried submitting a ticket, but then I found out that I had to come to the forums to make an inquiry. Please PM me if you wish to know my Teamspeak ID. Thank you.

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    February 2016

    Banned because of region?

    So i tried to join the chat room i usually join in, so i can talk with my friends and stuff, and this message apears :
    You are banned permanently. Reason: "Your region is banned due to communication server error."
    Now i know for sure i am not banned, so why is this here then?
    What can i do to join the same chat server as my friends?

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    January 2016

    How Do I Appeal for TeamSpeak Public?

    Since I can't use the "Submit a Ticket" button in the page, since I'm not a premium, licensed customer, I don't know how to appeal a ban from the public TeamSpeak server. How do I do that?

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    April 2016

    Permanently banned from a server I frequent ofter. No ban message.

    So I'll start from when I was on break in Tennessee. I was able to download and get onto TS3 just fine, joined the server with my friends, etc.

    After returning from Tennessee and having internet issues for a while, I try to get onto the same TS3 only to find out I was permanently banned.

    None of my friends know why it happened. I didn't even seem to be online when I was permanently banned, nor had I done anything wrong.

    To top it all off I can't get in contact with the server admin because he is rarely on, and the friends who do have server admin aren't high enough up to unban me.

    What can I do? I can provide information if needed. I am just curious as to why I am permanently banned when I never did anything wrong and constantly play with friends on there.

    The TS server is Trigaming.

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    April 2016

    Banned Because of my in-game name...

    So I'm apparently perma-banned from the public TS server, I guess some moderator saw my name and decided to summarily ban me without seeing if I'm actually a bot. Kind of dumb TBH. I got the name because people kept calling me a hacker/******* in first person shooters(I never cheat/use hacks). Yes, I'm that good at certain games. But ban reason "Bots and Close are against server Rules!" is pretty silly considering there's absolutely no proof that I'm a bot besides bot being in my username.

    I'd appreciate being unbanned and maybe let moderators know not to ban people just because their name says "Clone" or "Bot" in it.

    I don't use the public server much, but I tried connecting to it and that's what TS tells me...

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    April 2016

    Banned permanently at fist log on.

    Hi, I'm a new user of Teamspeak3. Yesterday I would like to log on the Teamspeak. My friends give my a server name (, then at pleace with "nick" I insert my namer - "erytropoetyna" , I get a notification that: You are banned permanently. Reason: "Podszywanie sie pod Querego" (ang. Reason "spoofing at Querego" . I don't know why? I live in a flay, i have a wi fi, i chcek the router. Whan can I do?

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    June 2016


    I got ban today done by the one of your employees. He is playing with me Ucraft hiding his identity under Oblivious2u nick. The message he wrote to me as the reason for ban is:

    You are banned permanently. Reason: "you are nothing but cancer that needs to be removed "

    Just for explanation, we have conflict between 2 of us in mentioned above game, I did not violate TS license agreement. So is this your policy to deal with innocent users like me? Mixing business with entertainment?

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    This definitely no employee of TeamSpeak and has nothing to do with our tech fourun.
    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    Ban Reversal [Due to Innapropiate Name]

    At some point in time, I was banned from the public teamspeak server for an innapropiate nickname (WeedWizard420), and have since then changed it to something more appropiate (One, Two, Three, Door!). I am wondering if it is possible to reverse the ban, ore am I stuck, unable to access the server?

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