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    You are banned permanently. Reason: "You suggest something illegal with your nicknam

    Why am i blocked on public channel? My nickname is it "idosk".

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    banned from because of "advertising"...i never posted any advertement,i don't know what happened,help

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    On start-Given random perma Ban?

    I just got teamspeak the other day and when i first loaded it up and tried to use a nickname to contact a server, it said i had been band due to advertising?

    i now am not able to talk in any servers (just mic) even though my mic is working in other apps and in the test mic settings in the app.

    i dont know if its something that can be fixed on my end or if someone will need to remove it,
    please help.

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    The nickname you did choose was banned on target server. That's all.
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    Banned from the official teamspeak channel

    I was joining a channel and saw teamspeak public channel, I tried to join but it gave me an error saying I was permanently banned for advertising and to use normal nickname, I do not recall, going on there nor have I every advertised anything because duh I havent been on there

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    It's your nickname causing that message.
    You need to change it.
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