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    Push-to-talk with Mouse extra buttons

    Dear community,
    I am using windows x64 Teamspeak 3 client with Razer Taipan Mouse and Razer Configurator (always up-to-date)
    I always used this scheme for push-to-talk activation:
    1) "Pause Break" as a bind for p2t
    2) "Mouse 8 button" as keyboard "Pause Break" function (binded via Razer Configurator)
    It allows me to activate push-to-talk with my mouse - unfortunately it has stopped working after last teamspeak update. Now i can activate voice with keyboard "Pause Break", but not with mouse.
    I have tried to change button to Spacebar - mouse triggers it in MS Word (for example), but don`t activate voice in teamspeak.
    I haven`t managed to find any information in Google - that`s why i appreciate any information given here.
    Thank you in advance and beg your pardon for my foreign language.

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    Fix PTT Keys

    Since the patch, the only way to get the PTT key in TS to work with your application in the foreground is to restrict the PTT key to an actual mouse function, and not a keyboard button. Set your Mouse Button 8 to an actual mouse function like right click, scroll down; anything that is not on the keyboard, then set TS3 PTT using the already programmed mouse button 8 mouse function you selected.

    The bad news is that you will not be able to use the same PTT Key for TS that you use for your application, like your game, you will have to program a keyboard key for PTT in your game.

    There are tons of complaints about this, and this is the only consistent solution until TS fixes their update.

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