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    TS3 Server Performance

    Hello Teamspeak Community,
    I am hosting an own Teamspeak Server (64Bit) for me and my friends. My problem is that itīs lagging frequently (every ~15 minute) for a minute.

    SpeedTest Results:
    Ping ~4ms
    Upload ~400Mbit (+- 50Mbit)
    Download ~500Mbit (+- 50Mbit)

    The serverīs cpu usage is never more than 10%
    The serverīs ram is used by around 25%
    The serverīs OS is Windows Server 2012R2

    I just canīt understand why its lagging..

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    Lags have something to do with these factors:
    • Lack of bandwidth (OK, obviously not the case here by itself)
      • DoS (Denial of Service)

    • Bad routing (I know what I'm talking about, I'm a customer of Deutsche Telekom)
      • Ping inconsistencies
      • Packet loss

    If everyone has lags at the same time, I go for DoS. This can be solved by your ISP (if they have the skill for that).

    If it's because of bad routing, the only chance to fix this is changing your ISP.

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    At first thank you,
    i will contact my ISP support. I hope they can tell me more about that problem and maybe fix it.
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