So i've been running a server on my laptop for about a year now. And i and my friends connect to my server using my local IP and a password.

Recently i, nor anyone else, can connect to the server. When i try i simply get the error, "Failed to connect to server"

Seeing as i don't remember how to change server setting or info, and no one else can connect, i get the feeling that its a server issue but i havn't changed anything. Also yes the server is running. Ive tried reseting it and my computer.

I know i haven't provided a lot of info, so feel free to ask for what you need. I really don't know much about this stuff, i just learned enough to get a server running. I know my port forwards are done, because i had to do that to set it up. We are talking about a server that has run successfully for about a year. Also i have no firewall or antivirus.

The only changes to my computer i can think of are the following. Ever since window's 10 my computer has updated a bunch, but i looked up the updates and they were all windows defender definition updates. So i tried excluding teamspeak 3 and the server from windows defender, no luck.

The other change is Teamspeak 3 asked me about sending info to help improve .... things? Which surprisingly i agreed to ( please don't be that T_T)

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions i would really appreciate the help.