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    Can't connect to single TS3 server with DNS or IP

    For the last 4 years, my friend has been hosting a teamspeak server that my friendgroup has been using.
    About three days ago, I randomly got disconnected and have been unable to connect ever since.
    I am able to connect to any other teamspeak server (eg. guild TS) just fine.

    This is the most recent connect log:
    2015-09-16 15:50:58.474822|INFO |TSDNS | | DNS resolve successful, ""=
    2015-09-16 15:51:02.539861|INFO |ClientUI | 1| Lookup finished: 7150 0 0
    2015-09-16 15:51:02.539861|INFO |ClientUI | 1| Resolve successful:
    2015-09-16 15:51:02.539861|INFO |ClientUI | 1| Blacklist check ok
    2015-09-16 15:51:02.539861|INFO |ClientUI | 1| Initiating connection:
    2015-09-16 15:51:02.711577|INFO |ClientUI | 1| Connect status: Connecting
    2015-09-16 15:51:07.744509|INFO |ClientUI | 1| Connect status: Disconnected
    2015-09-16 15:51:07.744509|INFO |ClientUI | 1| Failed to connect to server, want autoreconnect = 0

    I have tried:
    - connecting to the IP instead of DNS
    - DNS flush
    - contacting other admins to see if I have been banned
    - connecting to DNS and IP with and without port

    If anyone can give suggestions as to why this may be happening, the help would be greatly appreciated.
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    That server's ISP might have blocked your IP. Ask them.
    Last edited by numma_cway; September 18th, 2015 at 01:23 PM.

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