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    Move multiple users into second group and send message to all users.

    Hey Whats up ..

    Please i need your help ..
    Q1 : i want to know how do i can Integration 2 groups together ?

    For an Example : users in [Test1] Group .. add all of them to [TEST 2] .. with one click .. is that impossible ?

    Q2 : How do i can send a notification to all users in the server ? in chat or poke message ?

    Hope you guys have an awesome day .. bye bye ..
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    You can open Permissions -> Server groups and then select the group the clients are currently in. This will show all clients of that group in the right hand side list, in which you can select the clients you want to add to another groups (can also select multiple clients at once) and just drag them onto the desired group you want to add them to on the left side. Please note that there is no visual indication of the target group but the clients you selected will be added to the group which your mouse cursor was on when you released the mouse button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ellie View Post
    Q2 : How do i can send a notification to all users in the server ? in chat or poke message ?
    If on your server runs the JTS3ServerMod, you can use the chat command !msgservergroup <servergroup id> <message>

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