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    Banning people without clicking their name.


    A lot of users recently on the teamspeak I help moderate have been setting their avatar to something that, when their name is clicked (thereby showing their avatar), the teamspeak of whoever loads it is instantly crashed. Since teamspeak seemingly has no disable avatars function, there seems to be no easy way of banning these people; so far mobile seems to be the only way.

    Does anyone have any solution as to a better way to ban those players?

    Banning them via join/disconnect messages isn't a viable option because there are too many people joining and leaving; too much spam.
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    Please update your client to version 3.0.18 (not stable yet) or disable Avatars for Guest to fix this problem for you and your users.

    Version 3.0.18 is currently a beta client with QT fixes and can be enabled via
    "Settings -> Options -> Application "Update Channel")

    Client 3.0.18 Beta Thread


    How to ban without clicking on someone:
    Use the client list (Permissions -> List All Clients) or the ServerQuery to access someone without clicking on a user in tree.
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    When we click another users avatar we crash.

    Hello, I moderate a small community server and lately a couple of people have been joining named 'xxxxxx Whenever they come in they just play loud music and troll the TS. When we attempt to click their names to mute/ban them we instantly crash due to their Avatars. Is there any possible way to ban them without clicking their names?
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    If your not wanting to password the server I would suggest disallowing guest to set avatar and in the All Clients window (Permissions -> List All Clients) right click them to delete their avatars or delete them from the database all together.

    Moderated channels also can prevent guest from loud noise trolling.

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    Client Disconnect on User Right-Click

    We had a user connect to our TeamSpeak server (, need to update to .4) and proceeded to jump channels blaring really annoying music. Problem was, anyone that right clicked on the offending user, regardless of permission level, to either mute or ban/kick them were disconnected in about 1-2 seconds after right clicking on them. The user had no visible avatar, their name did not contain any visible special characters, nothing was observed that could explain why a right click on them would cause a client disconnect. Left clicking on them appeared to be fine, I'm assuming that when right-clicking a user a basic query about the users info is sent to the server then back to the client, so I can only assume they had something hinky in their info that caused this. Maybe their phonetic name was too long perhaps? That's just a wild stab since there isn't much info a user can provide to the server that would get sent to another user, but also makes sense since that string of characters must be sent to another user for their client to "read" it.

    Sadly, we didn't have server logging turned up so we don't have a good log of anything that was occurring when that user was connected. If it happens again, we'll get a better log next time. I'm posting this to notify TS of a bug and if anyone has encountered this they can add to the thread if they have any more details.
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    You did not crash, when you did a left click on that user?
    If you still have your server or channel chat, then do me a favor.

    Click and hold the nickname and then drag it into the channel chat.
    It will result into a Client URL showing the Client ID, Client UID (Identity) and the Nickname.
    And at the end it will show the shwon nickname from server tree.

    [ URL=client://346/w623/Ca324evfgdv§14&df5456=~Nickname]Nickname[/URL]
    Please copy the full url or the part =~Nickname]Nickname and then send it to me in private message.

    And yes please update to server This version blocks some invalid chars from mobile devices.

    //// Edit
    Btw you should also read the first 2 posts from
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    3.0.17 Client avatar crash

    Hello dear TS3 developers.

    Today, our TS3 server was visited and our staff was attacked by a crash-exploit working through a corrupt user-avatar.
    I have attached a copy of the avatar picture file from server-side.

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