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    What happened to my teamspeak?

    I have a 25 person ts, there was 3 of us in it at the time and as people were logging on they were remarking that they could not get in because it was full. I looked at the settings and some how we were reset to a 1 person TS, good times talking to yourself.... It didn't kick anyone out for being over the limit but we did notice this in the time stamp chat log below... 09:10:21> Server properties have been edited by "serveradmin from"

    Looks like we are paid up for the next 15 days at least so payment doesn't look like the issue. I cannot change the max client number from 1 back to 25 like it was before even though I am a server admin... it is the only option on that screen that is grayed out and unavailable to me. What is going on ?

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    Please contact your hoster. There is nothing we can do for you here.
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