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    Internal mic (no headset) on remote laptop sending back speaker output to all clients


    Use case - Assume multiple users connected to a voice channel using laptops and desktops.

    If one client (Client_A) is using a laptop without a headset + microphone - every time any other client (assume Client_B) 'speaks', the output on the laptop speakers of Client_A is being picked by the internal mic of Client_A and being sent back as voice input to all clients connected to the voice channel. Resulting in Client_B and others hearing the Client_B voice input twice, almost making it sound like an echo. This makes communication very hard to follow.

    This same issue isn't as prominent with Skype,Webex or other voice enabled software, so there must be a setting or solution possible in teamspeak.

    I am using Teamspeak SDK 3.0.2. I found that there is a newer version of Teamspeak SDK, but it has very few bug fixes listed for the update. I am not certain if this issue is persistent with SDK

    How can I stop the internal microphone on a remote laptop from taking speaker output audio and sending it back to all clients?

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    Now, I haven't built a sdk client yet, so I don't know about sdk version differences and generally there's a grain of salt included.

    If you haven't already, for that you'll be looking at the client's preprocessor options.
    I don't know the default settings, so you might wanna check if
    "echo_canceling" is true

    While the above is the algorithm designed specifically for that, also relevant are
    "denoise" and of course “vad” + "voiceactivation_level".

    Note that echo_canceling is likely, at least in relation to the rest, computational expensive due to FFT.
    It might be worthwile to turn it off on headphone detection.

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