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    poke window in back of the ts client

    Hi my problem is...
    I play with dual screen. first screen for the game client and second screen for teamspeak and other tools.
    so when i did play wot (world of tanks) and somebody pokes me in ts3 version 3.0.18. I can not see the poke-message because it is behind the teamspeak window. when i click with my mouse on ts window...the poke message comes in front of the ts window. this is only when wot is running in first screen . when i do the wot into taskbar and open any other program like mozilla or any else and someone pokes me in ts...the message comes in front of the ts3 window. so what can i do to become the poke message when wot is running on first screen to.

    sry my english is not so good...hope somebody can help me.

    best regards

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    The poke dialog is an queue (not in background) while an application is running in fullscreen.
    That's a wanted behavior to avoid that the client does not throw user to the desktop.

    You couldstart the game in borderless window mode, to avoid that check.
    But we can not give any support for things that could happen ;D
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    hi dante...thx for your fast support.
    well i need to ask you....why this config does work a few days oder weeks ago. i played in this config for a loooooooong time and 2 or 3 updates ago this config does only work when i do download the ts client manually from homepage and install this client without deinstall before.

    in the past it was a problem when somebody played in window mode when he become a poke the game window do min. into taskbar. so it was the other way around then now. he just need to deaktivate the notification for that. but now it is useless because for players with 2 screens because we extra use 2 screens to see the poke message instantly.

    there must be a solution for that i think.

    did you have teamviewer? so i could show you that crap


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    The poke dialog has changed a few updates ago.
    === Client Release 3.0.17 04 Aug 2015
    - Changed appearance of poke dialog when client is minimized, hidden or behind
      a fullscreen application.
    For some reasons the poke dialog kicked some or many users out of game. We never could reproduce this on any computer in our comapny.
    So we did change the whole dialog and it's behavior to avoid the dialog, till the game (mostly in fullscreen) got closed or minimized.
    Even this caused some users to get kicked out of game (Many users on the Gamescome came to us telling their problem with client 3.0.17).
    We decided to add a temp fix.
    === Client Release 3.0.18 23 Sep 2015
    + Added option to always prevent poke dialog as quick workaround after GamesCom
      feedback. See Options/Applications/Never Show Poke Dialog. This may be
      removed again when a more final solution is implemented.
    I think it would change a lot, if we would be able to reprodcue this problem on one or 2 computers in our company.

    But for the current situation, this is how the Poke dialog will work.
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    I am seeing this new behavior even when I am not running a fullscreen application/game. Of maybe 15 people I frequently have contact with on teamspeak, at least a couple of them are complaining about this as well.

    It's pretty frustrating, because this means I will often not see a poke until I am going to quit my TS client - and click the client window.

    I would be nice to see an option in the config to let us choose if the poke window should be forced to the back or front manually. It would save us from a lot of frustration.

    FYI I am running dual monitor in Win 7 x64. My client is always on the secondary screen.

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