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    Help a newbie with his plugin

    Hello community!

    I've run into some problems with compiling test plugin. I've downloaded plugin sdk with test plugin, but it won't compile. I included all the libraries (header files) to the project, but it didn't solve errors.

    I've tried to delete all the problem parts ( didn't touch required functions ) and compiled successfuly at first look, but unfortunatly it gives error when i'm trying to run plugin:

    Plugin failed to load:
    Failed to open plugin.

    With hope,

    Quote Originally Posted by nonameShadow View Post
    Hello community!

    I've run into some problems with compiling test plugin...
    Okey, i've managed to compile .dll w/o any errors (horray!), but it still won't load to TS3 with the same "failed to load plugin" error.

    Anybody please help.
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    Apart from the fact that the required functions must return valid values in the correct format, depending on the compiler you used there may be additional dependencies which need to be present. They usually are on the same system as the plugin was compiled but may be missing on other systems.

    Also, the example plugin should compile without issues, unless you changed something.
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    Okey, i've downloaded 3.0.16 plugin sdk version and it compiled just fine( didn't touched anything ), but unfortunaly it still doesn't want to load into TS.

    Maybe it's because i have 3.0.18 TS version?

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    Or maybe it doesn't work with default VS2015 setup/configuration?


    Okay, i've got an answer..
    Whole time i was building 32bit plugin for 64big TS client.. (facepalm)

    Now i'm dealing with VS which doesn't want to build 64bit dll properly.
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