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    I have a few questions about this permission:
    Firstly, what unit is the value in? Seconds, I would think, but want to verify.
    Secondly, what happens when the given value expires? Does it kick the user from the server? If so, can I set it that it moves the user to a specific channel instead?
    Thirdly, if a user is in several servergroups and one has a max idletime setting but the other doesn't, which one takes priority?

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    Idle_Time is set into seconds. One hour is 3600 seconds. If the value expires, the user will be kicked with the default message "idle time exceeded" this message cant be changed. I've never tried that thing with the multiple server groups idle_time, but i think the user will get kicked after the first value is expired. If you dont want a user to get kicked, check his user permissions and set max_idle_time to -1
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