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    Windows 10 - Mic will not cue up, but wizard shows mic and detects voice

    I am at a loss here, I have removed TS3 Client & re-installed, updated all of my audio & video drivers, even went out and bought a new Hyper V II Cloud Pro Gaming headset, and for some reason TS3 client will not cue up when i use my PTT button.

    When i ran the setup wizard, my headset is detected, for the mic test I am showing the levels and see the bar move to good levels for speech recognition.

    I can hear other people in channel, but when I click to cue up to talk...nothing. No one can hear me.

    I tested the mic in Skype and it works fine. So it comes down to TS3 Client issue. I have even tried rolling back to Windows 7 but still had the same issue. So I re-installed Windows 10.

    Will TS be putting out an update for Windows 10 users?

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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    Why does everybody think this is Windows 10 related?
    No it is not!

    Please check your capture profile and/or your hotkey.
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