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    Teamspeak 3 sound redirect

    So for the longest time, everything worked perfectly fine, up until about 4 days ago.

    The problem, teamspeak 3 redirects all sounds other than itself to my speakers, whether there's any other devices or not. i quite literally disabled all other devices, even in the device manager so they don't show up in playback devices at all.

    i have reinstalled my headset driver, the headset driver software.

    my headset is set as the default device. does not have exclusive enabled.

    im out of ideas.

    Not even reinstalling teamspeak solved the issue.

    seriously out of ideas.

    teamspeak 3 has been my main source of Voip communication for a long time, i use it all day every day.

    hope to get this fixed asap. cuz its really starting to piss me off...
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