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    Hidden files being showen in file browser

    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if there is a way to make it so the file browser doesn't show hidden files (like the ones that start with a ".") the reason why I ask is because I have another physical server that I have setup FTP for so that I could share files with my friends (being really interested in computers I decided to build it my self rather then use something like Dropbox), over the years I got another server and put TeamSpeak and a few other game servers on it. Today after learning about NFS shares (or "Exports") I decided to share the home directory of the FTP server and mount it in the directory that contains the files that are stored in the file browser (awhile after we started using TS3 we just put stuff in the file browser on TS3 as that's a lot easier).

    The way that this works is that when we open the file browser in TS3 it looks for the folder that it's supposed to use to hold files (from the folder TS3 is in it's "files/virtualserver1/channel6") but since the NFS share is mounted in that same location it goes to the home directory on the FTP server.

    This worked (nearly) perfectly and effectively makes it so that when one of us opens the file browser in TS3 we see all the files on the FTP server and when we upload stuff it goes to the FTP server, keeping all of our files in one place.

    The only issue that I have with this is that it shows all the hidden files in the home directory on the FTP server. while this isn't much of an issue it would just be nice to know if there is a way to make it so either TeamSpeak doesn't display hidden files (one's beginning with a ".") or if there is some way to make it so hidden files aren't shared over NFS.

    I realize that this this question might be too deep into Linux server administration for this forum but I figured I would post this question anyways and see if I get any responses.

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    TeamSpeak will show always all files.
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    In another thread, it was deemed unsupported to change the files stored by the server by third-party software anyway.

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