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    Voice and File Transfer IP's are Different

    Recently I've changed the way I host my TS3 server, on my router I've set the servers IP( behind a Static NAT which of course causes issues with any FTP application. To bypass this I configured the Filetransfer_IP to be set to the main IP hosted on the router which is not behind a Static NAT( which in all instances works with FTP. I've checked on 3rd party sites and the ports 30033 are open fine, although for some reason the the file transfers seem to fail.

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    You need to configure static NAT for both voice and file transfer ports on the router.

    I have no idea, why you mentioned FTP, though.
    TS3 has nothing to do with it.

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    I think it's still not possible... Your issue was discussed some time a got... using an other ip for filetransfer in a nat environment doesn't work.

    Look here:

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