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    Help Needed Resetting My Server

    So, I tried to change the Admin group to "Owner," and the Normal group to "Admin/Mod." Problem is that I removed the ability to create privilege keys from the "Owner" group and now I cannot change it as I don't have the permission. So I tried to log into serverquery but the login info my buddy gave me was wrong, and he swears that it's the correct info. So now I cannot remake a privilege key and I am at an impasse.

    What I want to do is save the channel directory on my current server, either delete that server or reset it completely, and start fresh. The problem I am having is that without access to serverquery I cannot do a permreset or any other function. So I don't know what to do now.


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    Change the password for the Query serveradmin login.
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    Thanks i have same problem, and I immediately found the solution.
    I hope to succeed.

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