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    Exclamation [SECURITY UPDATE] TeamSpeak 3 Client is Available

    We have just released a very important security update for the TeamSpeak 3 Client addressing a RFI (Remote File Inclusion) vulnerability. Please upgrade your desktop clients to version immediately. The update is available for Windows, Linux and OS X. Mobile clients for Android and iOS are not affected by this issue.

    You can use the auto-update feature to grab this new release. If you need an installer, please refer to our Downloads page.

    Here's the full changelog:

    === Client Release 10 Oct 2015
      ! Hotfix release to fix security vulnerability

    *** IMPORTANT ***
    We strongly recommend that all server providers and admins change the minimum desktop client version for users required to connect to the server. Unfortunately, this will also prevent mobile clients to connect for now. We'll release updates to Google Play and the Apple App Store as soon as possible (see updates below).

    If you don't want to (or can't) increase the minimum client version on your server, you can prevent users from exploiting this vulnerability by revoking the permissions to create channels with descriptions on your server.

    There are two ways to increase the minimum client version:

    1. Update Server Settings via ServerQuery
    Use the following commands via ServerQuery (per default running on TCP port 10011) to do this:

    // authenticate with your serveradmin account (generated during initial server start)
    login username password
    // change default settings for virtual servers you create in the future
    use 0           
    serveredit virtualserver_min_client_version=1444491275
    // repeat this for all existing virtual servers in the TeamSpeak instance
    use port=9987   
    serveredit virtualserver_min_client_version=1444491275
    use port=9988   
    serveredit virtualserver_min_client_version=1444491275
    No restart is required when you're using ServerQuery to change the settings.

    2. Update Server Settings via SQL
    If you have access to your servers database (SQLite or MySQL) you can use this SQL query to update all virtual servers at once:

    UPDATE server_properties SET value = '1444491275' WHERE ident = 'virtualserver_min_client_version';
    You need to restart the server afterwards so the settings will be reload.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    *** UPDATE 01 ***
    An updated Android client has just been pushed to Google Play and will be available in the next few hours.

    *** UPDATE 02 ***
    The Android client update is now live. In addition to a new build number, it introduces Android 6.0 compatibility.

    *** UPDATE 03 ***
    The iOS client has been sumbitted to the Apple App Store and we're waiting for approval.
    Apple usual needs 7-14 days for this.
    Last edited by dante696; October 19th, 2015 at 10:35 AM. Reason: added details about ios approval

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