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    TS3 crash on startup since 3.0.17

    Hi everybody,

    first of all I've a problem with the update feature in 3.0.16. When I want to update the client crashes without any dump-file or error message.
    To update to the new version ( I uninstall my TS Client, deleted all the TS3-folders, made a reboot and install the new version.
    Now I've got the problem, that the client doesn't start correctly. When I start the client (in admin mode) the GUI opens and then it crashes. The tray icon stays where it is until the cursor hovers over it.
    Previously I tried installing 3.0.17 and 3.0.18, but same problem there.
    I searched my whole PC for a dump file or a log file with a meaningful content, but I found nothing.
    May you know about this problem.

    For now I have to stay on 3.0.16


    My System:
    Win 8.1 x64 Pro
    8GB Ram

    Just want to add this further information:
    • I've tried the x64-Version of TS3
    • All drivers are up-to-date
    • Starting TS3 as admin is set as default
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