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    DDOS Protection "increased protection level"

    Very often in the logs I see this error:
    2015-10-12 15:26:11.860499|INFO | | | Increased protection level to: 1
    2015-10-12 15:27:21.523765|INFO | | | Decreased protection level to: 0
    During an error the server is not available a few minutes.
    Help, how to disable?

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    This can not be disabled.

    This is a DDOS protection in the server.
    This should only happen when to many clients build up a conenction to the server at the same moment.

    The server starts blocking other connections as part of the DDOS protections for 1-2 minutes.
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    You can read more on how to avoid this problem? I do not understand....
    The error occurs very often on the basis of logs ..

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