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    serveradmin reconnecting every second

    i am new to this forum.
    I have two Teamspeak 3 Server. One is running at home very fine. But the mainserver is runnig at a hoster. This mainserver has a problem. The serveradmin-query connect and disconnect every second. And every second at another port. This decrease the performance very much. That much, that sometimes everyone loose the connection.
    I googled and searched a lot. Maybe i just took the wrong keywords, but i can't find a solution or reason for that. Can anyone help me?

    The serverprotocol is full of entries like that:
    16.10.2015 20:59:53 VirtualServer Info query client connected 'serveradmin from'(id:1)
    16.10.2015 20:59:53 VirtualServerBase Info query client disconnected 'serveradmin from'(id:1) reason 'reasonmsg=disconnecting'

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    That's a bot. Turn it off.

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    The bot was already off. I deleted all the files but get now an new error message at the server logs

    21.10.2015 00:31:16 PermGroupMgr Error unable to remove cldbid: 1331 from groupID: 9 for indexID: 0 table: group_server_to_client
    21.10.2015 00:31:16 VirtualServer Error client pruning: memory delete failed for cldbid: 1331, error: empty result set

    At least, the serveradmin does not reconnect every second ; )

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    I guess this thread can be marked as solved.

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