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    Start teamspeak minimized in tray automatically with windows start. Poke.

    i have seen this question many times, but with no satisfying answer (from my point of view). Teamspeak 3.18.1, the latest version available, and it has following options "minimize teamspeak to system tray" and "start teamspeak automatically with windows" turned "ON".

    But still, this is very annoying, with every windows (re)start, there is icon in tray, but main teamspeak window is left open on the desktop. Every time. For many years with every single windows restart. Is there any fix "already"?

    Another question is related to "poke" feature. I know it is possible to disable this feature on client's side. But is it possible to disable this feature on server's side too? Like to completely disable this feature? My server is running linux.

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    The client does not offer a feature to start the client minimized.
    "Minimize to tray" only removes the client from the Taskbar, when you minimize the client.
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    You need a plugin to minimize the client on start automatically.

    Sure it's possible via permissions.
    Just remove everyones poke power or set an very high value in their needed poke power.
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    Sorry for the necro but I wanted to post how I solved this issue.
    There does not seem to be another thread about this or a plugin to solve this specific case.

    What I did to achieve the behaviour of "Autostart Teamspeak into Tray" was following:
    1. Disable Teamspeak 3 Autostart in Teamspeak 3 Application settings.
    2. Enable "Minimize to Tray" in Teamspeak 3 Design settings.
    3. Open explorer at Default Startup Folder. See:
    4. Open another explorer window where TeamSpeak 3 is installed.
    5. Create a shortcut of the "ts3client_win64.exe" or 32 bit equivalent inside the default Startup Folder. Drag and drop holding the "Alt" key can do this.
    6. Enter the properties of the new shortcut and set "Run" to "minimized". See:

    This works for me and makes my Desktop nice and empty on startup.

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