version of the TeamSpeak client is available. This further improves the previous hotfix against a known security vulnerability. In addition we added a few minor bugfixes.

Originally we planned to release these patches with a full new version 3.0.19, but as 3.0.19 requires more work we don't want to delay making this bugfix version available to you.

Thank you to everyone in the community who reported issues to us. We appreciate it.

=== Client Release 23 Oct 2015
! Further hardened security fix from Remote images are now stored in
  single directory by hash, instead of subfolders.
+ Added external link warning to opening URLs from within URL Catcher
* Updated include folders in plugin SDK for recent code restructuring
* On entering an unsubscribed channel, scan all clients for CLIENT_TALK_REQUEST
  and preset that value to avoid getting the notification sound when clicking
  on that client later.
- Fixed unclickable Download Folder label in Filebrowser dialog.
- Fixed PTT delay not getting properly saved and restored.
- Replaced wrong clear filter icon in permissions overview dialog.