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    What is it?

    Hello everyone. Today, I met with a suspicious connection on my server.

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    What is it?

    Ty for your attention.

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    Those are query connections that are scanning your server to gather information. Simply add the IP to the query_ip_blacklist.txt file in your TeamSpeak3 server folder. That'll ban that IP from connecting to your query ever again. You can also change the query port to something non-standard but they'll eventually figure it out if they really want to.
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    Unknown Connection ""

    Good Day, a couple of days ago an unknown user showed up at the Lobby for a few minutes and then left:

    17:26:48> "Unknown from" connected to channel "Sala de Espera"
    17:26:48> "Unknown from" is now known as "[[email protected]][286056][4]"

    Nickname: [[email protected]][286056][4]
    Version: ServerQuery on ServerQuery
    Online since: 8 days 19 hours 55 minutes 46 seconds
    Server Groups: Guest Server Query Invitado
    Channel Group: Guest

    We keep our server password protected, so we regard it as an unauthorized connection. We contacted the service provider that rents us the server (xgaming), but they could not provide an answer.

    We would appreciate some lights on this event.

    Best Regards.

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    It's a bot that gathers information about the server. Nothing you can change about it, ask your hoster.

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