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    [Request] Dynamic Channel creation

    Hello Community,

    Im searching for a tool or bot that automaticly create and delete channel.
    I like a clean and clear looking teamspeakserver and now it is like this:

    Talking area:
    -Talk 1
    -Talk 2

    Gaming Area:
    -Team 1
    -Team 2

    I thought about a server with only 1 channel per area.
    Like "Talking area" -> "Talk 1"

    And the a bot/plugin that checks every x seconds if there is somebody in this channel. If there is somebody the bot/plugin automaticly create the second channel (in this example Talk 2 if there is someone in Talk 1).
    And then the same backwards if there is nobody in channel "Talk 2" the bot have to delete it.

    Is this possible somehow?
    I hope you can help me with this cause i have like 6 or more main-channel with numbered sub-channels.

    (Side-note: I have full acces to the root-server it is not rent server (microsoft server))

    - Blackdeath911
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    I hacked a small bot is doing exactly what you are trying to do:

    Nothing fancy, but it's doing his job. Once a user joins a dedicated "spawn" channel, an own temporary channel gets created, the user gets moved to that channel and gets channel admin for it. In the end, you end up with 1 channel that users need to join.

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    Sorry i needed so long to answer had some massive trouble with my Teamspeak and Homepage but nvm.

    This script is something i could work with
    But i have a few Problems:

    1. i have a windows server OS and can't execute a .sh script
    2. Is it possible to have always 1 Channel free so that noone has to join a channel to get a new channel?
    2.1. I read it like there is Channel X you have to join to get a temp sub-channel. I always want a Main Channel with 1 Sub-Channel free for people who want to join if they join an empty sub-channel, a new one generates for other people.
    2.2. Because of 1. i can not check which channel-icon, name or audo-quality the sub-channel would have. Can someone tell me?

    If 2.X is to hard to code i still can work with the "join to get channel" script.

    I still hope someone can help me.


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