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    Sound Input stops after about 10 minutes

    Good evening to everyone,

    I have an issue with the actual version of the TS3-Client. Everything works fine, sound quality is excellent - for about 10 minutes. Then the following happens: I still can understand everything all of the other clients talk, but I can't talk anymore. Sometimes the "blue button" (the one, which changes the color if you start talking) stucks in light blue, as if one isn't talking, sometimes it's stuck in deep blue as if one's talking. Nevertheless, no sound seems to reach the server. I use the F7-Key on my Keyboard for PTT.

    Since there is the issue with "blue button", I believe, that it's a problem with the TS Client, not with my audio hardware drivers.

    Has anyone of you had this kind of problem before and knows a solution?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards, Tobias

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    Is there anything in the client log, when dthis happens, maybe the keyboard or headset has problems with the usb port.
    Something that has happened before with users.

    Does this also occur, when you use voice activation?
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    Hi dante696,

    sorry for the delay and thanks for your reply. I looked up the logs now, but I couldn't find anything relying to my issue. The interesting thing is, that it doesn't seem to happen anymore since I started this thread... everything works fine now! That's the reason why I didn't look in here for the last two weeks...

    I hope, it will remain as it is!

    Thanks for your help anyway :-)

    Best regards, Tobias

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