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    Server randomly drops crash / drop all connection


    Me and my guild are having some problem with ts3 server. We acquired a license and we are self hosting it on a rented server however there are some weird things happening, The server worked fine for 30 day + non stop and yesterday we where using it and everyone got disconnected, Did log in to the server and the process was still running yet we where unable to re-login to the server, Restarting the process seems to fix it for 30-60 min then it disconnect everybody again,

    We moved the server to one of my OS X server and same things, I can exclude that this is a router / network problem as the server for me is the local network,

    here are some info regarding the server:

    TS3 server version:
    OS X version: 10.11.1

    Unfortunately logs are kinda worthless like they're now as they don't even log user log-in / out any idea how to get more verbose logging?


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    Update it seems that the latest os update may have re enabled the sleep which was probably the cause, Will update in a few day to see if there is any difference,


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