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    Get ServerQuery Logins back


    I've got a TS3 Server running on my own Debian 8 PC.

    The problem I have got now is that I crashed my Macbook and needed to install OSX a 2nd time and my Windows PC now belongs to my parents therefore I deleted this one too. The Server wasn't running during that time because it was more like a private practice thing. I forgot that the 2 computers were the ones who had ServerQuery rights. But since my IP adresses changed after OS reinstallations I have lost all of these rights.
    Is there a file on my root Server where the Query logins are saved or is there any chance to get back the logins?
    I haven't touched anything yet.

    Thanks for your help in advance


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    query on regular clients is not supported. To get your query information back read the relevant stickies. To get your admin rights back on your clients follow these instructions
    When sending PMs please make sure to include a reference link to the thread in question in the body of your message.

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