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    Running TS3 Server on ubuntu 15.04

    I might have made a new thread for nothing cause there are similar questions but i didn't see any about ubuntu 15.04 so here is my question: Is there a way to run TS3 server on ubuntu 15.04 if so is there a tutorial you fine folks know of and yes i know Google is a mans best friend but even google doesn't know everything all i get is stuff about Ubuntu 14.04 or ubuntu 14.10 or even older there are a lot of functions in ubuntu 15.04 that just wont work with old tutorials all i want to know is how to make sure the server starts up with ubuntu 15.04 i can bind the TS3 server to a user and i can bind a domain to my TS3 server i just wanna know how to set the server up so it starts when the machine starts/reboots

    TS3 ROCKS!!!! thanks in advance

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    There are no changes in how to "install" or "start" the server on the latest Ubuntu version.

    1. Download the server package
    2. Extract the server to target location
    3. Start the server via ./ or ./ start

    About the autostart when the OS starts
    The old ways (using the init.d file) still should do it's job.
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    If you're asking such questions, you should not use intermediate releases of operating systems.
    Stick to LTS, which is 14.04 for Ubuntu right now.

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