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    Overwolf "activate" icon is missing

    Using Overwolf <active> icon is missing

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    Missing since some versions already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    The default icon pack is outdated and will not be fixed anymore. It wasn't removed yet** to avoid a mass of users complaining.
    Please use icon pack default_colored_2014 or default_mono_2014 if you want to have it fixed.
    So, you could supply colored_2014 as default.

    I mean, duplicate "default_colored_2014" as "default" and supply the three files.

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    No, i would have replied like "We will fix this in client 3.0.19" if this would get fixed.
    default_mono_2014 is already the new default icon, when the client was started the first time. I also think it was set as default icon pack to, when icon pack 2014 was added first time and the user had default set before. But i'm note 100% sure of this last part, to much time has passed here.

    Our devs will not investigate any menpower for the icon pack default.
    The original plan was to remove that icon pack, when the new icon packs 2014 were added.
    But instead of removing the icon pack stayed and the support dropped.
    It could be that the default icon pack will be removed, when more icon changes are done in the client.

    I repeat
    Please use icon pack default_colored_2014 or default_mono_2014 if you want to have it fixed.

    // moved off-topics out of client thread.
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