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    TS prevents other programs from accessing the default playback device G930

    I've had this problem since I started travelling last week but wasn't able to track it down to TS until today. When I open TS it seems to take hold of the playback device and not allow other programs to use it. Opening a video in VLC will leave VLC mute, trying to watch a video on youtube will actually cause the video not to play at all, not simply playing without sound. That was a hell of a false lead right there. All these problems can be solved by turning off TS or just muting speakers/headphones from the tray.

    I found some very old threads describing similar behavior while googling so have tried going to the communication tab and changing "Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80%" to do nothing. I have updated TS to the latest version, and I have disabled all plugins.

    What more can I do?

    My playback device is a Logitech G930 headset, also up the latest drivers. I used this on my desktop previously and had no issues like this, it has only appeared since I started using my laptop, a Gateway NE 722.

    Let me know if you need any additional information, and thanks!

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    any answer ?

    Hey just wanted to know, I have the exact same issue, any answer to this problem ?

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    G930 user here also.

    I found any thing newer than 8.58.183 version is just not good.
    win7 user.

    if you have win10 that may be your problem?
    win10 is having problems with a lot of drivers at the moment,it's just too new.

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