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    Random disconnects

    I've got trouble with my Teamspeak3-Server, A few weeks ago, the following problem occured the first time: Users were randomly disconnected
    from the server and were not able to reconnect again, The problem affects random users and already occured several times during the last
    I've really NO IDEA why the clients get disconnected and it kinda annoys, They aren listed on ANY blacklíst at all, and even after restarting and
    updating the server, the problem is still there. The logfiles aren that helpful, cause in them, it simply says, that the affected users disconnected
    (like if they disconnected by simply closing the client,)
    8y the way: The problem kinda solves itself at 0:00, The next day, all the users are able to connect again,

    Does anyone here an idea, what the reason for the problem could be, And logically: how to fix it
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