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    teamspeak lagging/crash since update

    Hi guys, I have been having this issue for a little over a week now. I have an Astro a40 headset and have been using TS for awhile now, but recently TS crashes, but does not say "Not Responding". When I close it, it gets super laggy (any audio related software as well). I tried re-installing Teamspeak after FULLY uninstalling it, no help. I updated all my audio drivers and firmware, still didnt help. I even did a completely new install of windows and the problem still occurs. It happens randomly, the blue bubbles light up as though someone is talking, but they arnt. They stay lit up and I can't talk. It is like teamspeak froze, without actually freezing. I can re enter the servers, and no more problem, until it wants to randomly happen again.
    I am using windows 10

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    i'm also experiencing this issue. i've tried every "fix" i could find on the forums to no avail

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    Angry Sugestion

    Downgrade to until the problem is solved.

    I have the same issue, maybe it's something related with chat logs but i'm not sure yet.

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